Frisco ISD

Monday, October 15, 2018 6:30 PM
Frisco ISD Administration Building, 5515 Ohio Drive, Frisco, TX
1. Open regular meeting, call to order, and announce quorum
2. Closed Session under Texas Government Code Chapter 551, Subchapters D and E
A. Student Information--551.0821
1. Ongoing issues and complaints
B. Personnel matters--551.074
1. Ongoing issues and complaints
3. Return to open meeting
A. Pledge of Allegiance 
B. Approval of minutes from September 10 special meeting, and September 10 regular meeting
C. Community Partner Presentation
Action Sheet NBCF.FISD Summer Internship Progam ACTION SHEET October 15. 2018.pdf
D. Celebration of Learning
Action Sheet ACTION SHEET - School Board Celebration of Learning October 2018 .pdf
E. Invocation
F. Frisco Education Foundation Annual Update
Action Sheet ACTION SHEET FEF Update .pdf
G. Discussion regarding public hearing on Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas (FIRST) report 
Action Sheet ACTION SHEET FIRST Report.pdf
FIRST Hearing Oct. 2018.pdf
H. Consent Agenda
1. Act on tax office reports
Action Sheet Tax Report August Action Sheet.pdf
Tax Reports August 2018.pdf
2. Act on budget transfers and amendments for 2018-2019 budget
Action Sheet Action Sheet Budget Transfers and Amendments October 2018.pdf
Budget transfers and amendments for 2018-2019 budget.pdf
3. Act on RFP 627-2018-10-23 for recycling services
Action Sheet ACTION SHEET RFP Recycling Svc.pdf
RFP 627-2018-10-23 Recycling Services.pdf
4. Act on resolution to participate in Region 19 Allied States Cooperative
Action Sheet ACTION SHEET ESC Region 19.pdf
ESC Region 19 Allied States Cooperative.pdf
5. Act on 2019-2020 School Calendar
Action Sheet ACTION SHEET School Calendar .pdf
2019-20 School Calendar DRAFT A.pdf
6. Act on purchase of mobile iOS devices for 2018-2019 refresh campuses
Action Sheet ACTION SHEET Apple Devices.pdf
7. Act on purchase of online curriculum resource
Action Sheet ACTION SHEET BrainPop.pdf
8. Act on purchase of Learning Management System
Action Sheet ACTION SHEET Canvas.pdf
9. Act on approving the purchase of instructional materials with Instructional Materials Allotment (IMA) funds
Action Sheet ACTION SHEET - IMA.pdf
IMA summary worksheet.pdf
Lead4Ward quote_frisco15.pdf
QUOTE - PQ - Frisco ISD - Tutorials.pdf
10. Act on new and substantially revised job description/evaluation forms
11. Act on trained appraiser for the Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (T-TESS) for the 2018-2019 school year
Action Sheet Board Action Sheet - T-TESS Appraiser.pdf
12. Act on personnel recommendations
I. Consider and act on a recommendation to approve the District Improvement Plan goal and performance objectives
Action Sheet Updated District Improvement Plan Action Item.pdf
Goals_Performance Objectives (3).pdf
J. Consider and act on Superintendent goals for 2018-2019
K. Consider and act on Board goals for 2018-2019
Action Sheet ACTION SHEET Board goals.pdf
2018-2019 Board of Trustees Goals.pdf
L. Communications to and from the board including public comments
M. Instructional Support Team reports
1. Business Services Report
a. Demographics and Rezoning
BOARD REPORT Business Services.pdf
2. Finance Report
a. First Quarter Budget to Actual Summary
BOARD REPORT Finance.pdf
Budget Update 1st Quarter.pdf
3. Support Services Report
a. Emergency Response Protocol
Support Services Board Report 18 1015.pdf
Evacuation and Reunification Draft 18 1015.pdf
4. Communications Report
a. Principal Binder
5. Curriculum and Instruction Report
a. FC Dallas STEAM Partnership at the National Soccer Hall of Fame
Updated Oct 15 Board Report for CI .pdf
6. Human Resources Report
a. FISD Pathways:  Career Expo and Future Teachers Program
BOARD REPORT Human Resources.pdf
FISD Pathways.pdf
7. Technology Report
a. Parent Communication Tools Statistics
BOARD REPORT Technology.pdf
8. Student Services Report
a. Frazier Fridays @ The Ford Center
Student Services BOARD REPORT 10-15-18.pdf
9. Superintendent Report
a. Fiscal Size Up Report
10. Board Report
4. Consider and act on adjournment
September GovQA Report_Redacted.pdf