Frisco ISD

Monday, June 11, 2018 6:30 PM
Frisco ISD Administration Building, 5515 Ohio Drive, Frisco, TX
1. Open regular meeting, call to order, and announce quorum
2. Closed Session under Texas Government Code Chapter 551, Subchapters D and E
A. Personnel Matters -- Section 551.074
1. Deliberate the selection of Board officers
2. Ongoing issues and complaints
B. Student information--Section 551.0821
1. Ongoing issues and complaints
C. Pursuant to Texas Government Code Section 551.076, to deliberate the deployment, or specific occasions for implementation, of security personnel or devices or security audit.

Pursuant to Texas Government Code Section 551.089, to deliberate:  (1) security assessments or deployments relating to information resources technology; (2) network security information as described by Section 2059.055(b); or (3) the deployment, or specific occasions for implementation, of security personnel, critical infrastructure, or security devices.
1. Status of security measures.
3. Return to open meeting
A. Pledge of Allegiance 
B. Administering of oath of office
C. Consider and act on reorganization of Board of Trustees
Action Sheet ACTION SHEET Board Officer Election.pdf
D. Consider and act on approval of minutes from the May 14 Regular meeting and May 16 Special meeting
E. Student recognition
1. Boys and Girls Golf State Finalists
2. Boys and Girls Track State Finalists
3. Tennis State Finalist
4. UIL Speech and Debate
Action Sheet ACTION SHEET - 2018 State Speech and Debate.pdf
Resolutions for Speech and Debate.pdf
5. CTE National Winners
Action Sheet ACTION SHEET - CTE National Winners.pdf
F. Staff recognition
1. Texas Project Lead the Way Teacher of the Year Award  Winner
Action Sheet ACTION SHEET - CTEC PLTW and Ken Strong.pdf
G. Celebration of Learning
1. Robotics Competition Champions
Action Sheet CelebrationOfLearning.pdf
2. National Spelling Bee Champion
3. National Pentathlon Champions
Action Sheet Board Agenda Item for Celebrations of Learning_Spelling and Pent June 2018.pdf
H. Invocation
I. Community Partner recognition
Action Sheet Baylor Scott White Sports Therapy Research ACTION SHEET June 11. 2018.pdf
J. School Security Update
Action Sheet ACTION SHEET Security Update.pdf
K. Consent Agenda
1. Act on tax office reports
Action Sheet 18-0611 Tax Office Reports.pdf
18-0611 Tax Office Reports Apr 2018 Attach 1.pdf
2. Act on the award of RFP 611-2018-06-22 Drug Testing and Physical Services
Action Sheet 18-0611 Drug Testing and Physical Services.pdf
18-0611 Drug Testing and Physical Services Attach1.pdf
3. Act on the award of CSP 612-2018-06-22 Electrical Maintenance Services
Action Sheet 18-0611 Electrical Maintenance Services.pdf
18-0611 Electrical Maintenance Services Attach 1.pdf
4. Act on the award of RFP 613-2018-06-22 Athletic Trainers
Action Sheet 18-0611 Athletic Trainers.pdf
18-0611 Athletic Trainers Attach 1.pdf
18-0611 Athletic Trainers Attach 2.pdf
5. Act on the award of RFP 617-2018-04-22 Supplemental Catering and Food Purchases
Action Sheet 18-0611 Catering and food purchases.pdf
18-0611 Catering and Food Purchases Attach 1.pdf
6. Act on the award of RFP 608-2018-03-22 Custodial Supplies and Equipment
Action Sheet 18-0611 Custodial Supplies and Equipment.pdf
18-0611 Custodial Supplies and Equipment Attach1.pdf
18-0611 Custodial Supplies and Equipment Attach 2.pdf
7. Act on the award of RFP 619-2018-04-22 Fine Arts Consultants and Clinicians
Action Sheet 18-0611 Fine Arts Consultants and Clinicians.pdf
18-0611 Fine Arts Consultants and Clinicians Attach 1.pdf
18-0611 Fine Arts Consultants and Clinicians Attach 2.pdf
8. Act on the award of RFP 620-2018-06-22 Professional Development Consultants, Clinicians, Speakers and Tutors
Action Sheet 18-0611 Professional Development Consultants.pdf
18-0611 Professional Development Consultants Attach 1.pdf
9. Act on the award of RFP 614-2018-06-23 Student Accident Insurance Program
Action Sheet 18-0611 Student Accident Insurance.pdf
18-0611 Student Accident Insurance Attach1.pdf
10. Act on the award of Property/Casualty/Insurance Program
Action Sheet 18-0611 Property Casualty Insurance.pdf
18-0611 Property Casualty Insurance Attach 1.pdf
18-0611 Property Casualty Insurance Attach 2.pdf
11. Act on approving the purchase of instructional materials with Instructional Materials Allotment (IMA) funds
Action Sheet ACTION SHEET- IMA.pdf
IMA Quotes.pdf
12. Act on new job description/evaluation form
13. Act on the update of Board Policy DNA(LOCAL):  Performance Appraisal Evaluation of Teachers
Action Sheet Board Action Sheet - Policy DNA(LOCAL) - 6-11-2018.pdf
Frisco ISD; DNA(L)-A2 to X; proposed revisions; 4-27-18.pdf
14. Act on School Messenger service renewal
Action Sheet 18-6011 School Messenger.pdf
18-6011 School Messenger attach 1.pdf
L. Discussion regarding 2018-2019 budget including opportunity for citizen input
Action Sheet 18-0611 Budget Discussion.pdf
M. Consider and act on 2018-2019 budget
Action Sheet 18-0611 Budget Adoption.pdf
18-0611 Budget Adoption Budget Book 2018-2019 Attach 1.pdf
N. Consider and act on Amendment to 2017-2018 Compensation Plan
Action Sheet 18-0611 2017-18 Compensation Plan Amendment.pdf
18-0611 2017-18 Compensation Plan Attach 1.pdf
O. Consider and act on Budget Transfers and Amendments
Action Sheet 18-0611 Budget Transfers and Amendments.pdf
18-0611 Budget Transfers and Amendments Template 2018 Attach 1.pdf
P. Discussion regarding senior auditor position
Q. Internal Audit Department Update
R. Consider and act on approval of the fiscal year 2019 internal audit plan
S. Consider and possible action to grant the Superintendent settlement authority for certain legal matters
Action Sheet ACTION SHEET Superintendent legal authority.pdf
T. Consider and act on revision to Board Policy EIC(LOCAL):  Academic Achievement Class Ranking
Action Sheet FINAL Action Sheet for Board Policy EIC (LOCAL).pdf
Frisco ISD; EIC(L)-X; proposed revisions; 6-6-18.pdf
U. Consider and act on personnel recommendations
1. Employment
2. Director of Human Resources
3. Principals
a. Scott Elementary
b. Frisco High School
V. Communications to and from the board including public comments
W. Instructional Support Team Reports
1. Curriculum and Instruction Report
a. Project SEARCH
Board Report - Kordel.pdf
2. Business Services Report
a. Facilities and Programs Evaluation Committee Update
Business Services Board Report.pdf
3. Finance Report
4. Support Services Report
a. Student transfers
Support Services. Board Report 18 0611.pdf
5. Communications and Community Relations Report
a. Community Engagement Update
6. Human Resources Report
a. New Teacher Orientation
6.11.18.Board Report.New Teacher Orientation.pdf
b. Smile Station Pictures
Smile Station Pictures.pdf
7. Student Services Report
a. STOP!T Implementation for 2018-2019
June 11 Board update McClendon.pdf
8. Technology Report
a. Library Leadership Academy
Board Report Library Leadership Academy Follow-Up.pdf
9. Superintendent's Report
10. Board Report
4. Consider and act on adjournment
May PIR~Subpoena Tracking_Redacted.pdf
May PIR Report_Redacted.pdf