Frisco ISD

Monday, June 8, 2020 6:30 PM
Frisco ISD Administration Building, 5515 Ohio Drive, Frisco, TX
1. Open regular meeting, call to order, and announce quorum
2. Closed Session under Texas Government Code Chapter 551, Subchapters D and E
A. Personnel Matters -- Section 551.074
1. Deliberate the selection of Board officers
2. Superintendent contract 
3. Director of Internal Audit contract
4. Ongoing issues and complaints
B. Student information--Section 551.0821
1. Ongoing issues and complaints
C. Real Property - Section 551.072
1. Discussion regarding land considerations
D. Consultation with Attorney - 551.071
1. Consultation with District counsel regarding pending litigation against the District, Civil Action No. 4:19-CV-00284 pending in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas
2. Consultation with District counsel on a matter in which the attorney has an ethical duty of confidentiality
3. Return to open meeting
A. Pledge of Allegiance 
B. Communications to and from the Board, including public comments
C. Consider and act on approval of minutes from May 11 regular meeting and May 13 special meeting
D. Board Report
E. Consider and act on reorganization of Board of Trustees
Action Sheet ACTION SHEET Board Officers.pdf
F. Community Partner recognition
Action Sheet Action Sheet Community Partner.pdf
G. Staff recognition
1. Standing Ovation Awards
Action Sheet Action sheet Standing Ovation.pdf
H. Invocation
I. Discussion regarding Summer and Fall updates
Action Sheet ACTION SHEET Summer and Fall updates.pdf
J. Discussion regarding update on substitutes
Action Sheet Board Action Sheet - Substitutes Rev June 5.pdf
K. Discussion regarding 2020-2021 budget
Action Sheet ACTION SHEET Budget discussion.pdf
June Budget Update 06.08.2020 - Presentation (1).pdf
June 2020 'Near Final' Budget Recommendations 6.8.20.pdf
Near Final Budget By Function - 06.08.2020.pdf
L. Consent Agenda
1. Act on tax office reports
Action Sheet Action sheet tax office reports.pdf
Tax Report.pdf
2. Act on budget transfers and amendments for 2019-2020 budget
Action Sheet Action sheet budget transfers.pdf
Budget transfers attachment.pdf
3. Act on RFP 002-2020-09 Curriculum & Instruction Software, Supplies and Services
Action Sheet Action sheet RFP 002-2020-09 Curriculum.pdf
RFP 002-2020-09 Attachment.pdf
4. Act on RFP 001-2020-09 Technology-related Equipment, Services, Software & Supplies
Action Sheet Action sheet RFP 001-2020-09 Technology.pdf
RFP 001-2020-09 Technology.pdf
5. Act on RFP 661-2019-10-23 Local Grocery and Retail Stores
Action Sheet Action sheet RFP 661-2019-23 Grocery.pdf
RFP 661-2019 Grocery Attachment.pdf
6. Act on Texas School Health Benefits Program contract
Action Sheet Action sheet Texas School Health.pdf
Texas School Health Interlocal Agreement.pdf
7. Act on Region 12 ESC Interlocal Agreement
Action Sheet Action sheet Region 12 ESC.pdf
Region 12 Attachment.pdf
8. Act on contract with GME Consulting Services, Inc.
Action Sheet Action sheet GME Consulting.pdf
GME Consulting attachment.pdf
9. Act on Annual Investment Policy Review
Action Sheet Action sheet annual investment policy review.pdf
Investment policy review attachment.pdf
10. Act on Broker Dealer List
Action Sheet Action sheet broker dealer list.pdf
Broker Dealer List attachment.pdf
11. Act on AFR Due Date Waiver with TEA
Action Sheet Action sheet AFR waiver.pdf
AFR Waiver attachment.pdf
12. Act on contract amendment with Stantec Architects
Action Sheet Stantec Contract Amendment Action Sheet (1).pdf
G802-2017 - Amendment to the Professional Services Agreement.pdf
13. Act on Change Order No. 2 - add Anderson Elementary playground surfacing, equipment and drainage
Action Sheet Action sheet change order.pdf
Change order attachment.pdf
14. Act on FISD Playground resurfacing contingency for unforeseen or differing site conditions
Action Sheet Action sheet FISD playground contingency.pdf
15. Act on approval of an interlocal agreement between Frisco ISD and the Town of Little Elm
Action Sheet Action sheet FISD and Little Elm.pdf
Revised Little Elm contract.pdf
16. Act on approving the purchase of instructional materials with Instructional Materials Allotment (IMA) funds
Action Sheet ACTION SHEET IMA.pdf
IMA attachment.pdf
17. Act on approving a waiver from TEA on Requirements for Students at Risk of Failure
Action Sheet Action sheet Students at Risk.pdf
Students at Risk Attachment.pdf
18. Act on approving a waiver from TEA on Alternate Kindergarten and 7th Grade Reading Instrument
Action Sheet Action sheet alternate kindegarten.pdf
Alternate Kinder attachment.pdf
19. Act on the selection of community members to serve on the Frisco ISD District of Innovation (DOI) Committee
Action Sheet Board Action Sheet - District of Innovation Committee Selection.pdf
M. Consider and act on FISD CARES Resolution
Action Sheet Action sheet FISD CARES.pdf
CARES Payment Resolution - 06.08.2020 (1).pdf
N. Consider and act on approval of the submission of a proposed resolution to the Texas Association of School Boards
Action Sheet Action sheet TASB advocacy agenda.pdf
TASB resolution.pdf
O. Discussion regarding update on Internal Audit Department activity
P. Consider and act on approval of the fiscal year 2021 Internal Audit Plan
Q. Consider and act on language for Superintendent contract extension
Action Sheet ACTION SHEET Superintendent contract.pdf
WALDRIP 2020-2023 CONTRACT NEW - Salary redline (2).pdf
R. Consider and act on language for Director of Internal Audit contract extension
Action Sheet ACTION SHEET Director of Internal Audit contract.pdf
Groover contract 2020-2021.pdf
S. Consider and act on personnel recommendations
1. Employment
2. Principal of Borchardt Elementary School
3. Principal of Liscano Elementary School
4. Consider and act on adjournment