Frisco ISD

Regular Meeting
Monday, February 4, 2019 5:00 PM
Frisco ISD Administration Building, 5515 Ohio Drive, Frisco, TX
1. Open regular meeting, call to order, and announce quorum
2. Closed Session under Texas Government Code Chapter 551, Subchapters D and E
A. Personnel matters--551.074
1. Superintendent performance evaluation 
2. Director of Internal Audit performance evaluation
3. Ongoing issues and complaints
B. Student information--551.0821
1. Ongoing issues and complaints
3. Return to open meeting
A. Pledge of Allegiance 
B. Approval of minutes from January 14 regular meeting
C. Staff Recognition
1. Standing Ovation Awards
Action Sheet ACTION SHEET Revised 2-19 Standing Ovation (2).pdf
D. Community partner presentation
Action Sheet ACTION SHEET Partners in Education pdf.pdf
E. Celebration of Learning
Action Sheet ACTION SHEET Celebration of Learning.pdf
F. Invocation
G. Consent Agenda
1. Act on tax office reports
Action Sheet Tax Report Action Sheet.pdf
Tax Reports - Dec 2018.pdf
2. Act on budget transfers and amendments for 2018-2019 budget
Action Sheet ACTION SHEET Budget Transfers and amendments pdf.pdf
Budget Transfers and Amendments Template 2019 - P7.pdf
3. Act on quarterly investment report
Action Sheet Quarterly Investment February Action Sheet.pdf
(C-3-2) Frisco ISD 12-31-18 Qtrly-signed.pdf
4. Act on CSP 638-2019-02-23 Special Education - Curriculum and Support for Non-Verbal Children
Action Sheet 638 Action Sheet.pdf
638 Evaluation Sheet.pdf
5. Act on CSP 639-2019-02-23 Special Education - Performance-Based Assessments
Action Sheet 639 Action Sheet.pdf
CSP 639 Special Education - Performance Based Assessments.pdf
6. Act on RFP 640-2019-02-23 Special Education - Materials, Supplies, Software, and Equipment
Action Sheet 640 Action Sheet.pdf
RFP 640 Special Education Evaluation Template and Vendor Scoring Sheet.pdf
7. Act on RFP 645-2019-02-24 - District Lawn Mowing and Landscape Maintenance Service
Action Sheet 645 Action Sheet.pdf
645 Mowing Board Evaluation.pdf
8. Act on RFQ 646-2019-01-24 External Auditing Services
Action Sheet 646 Action Sheet.pdf
646 Evaluation Sheet 2.0.pdf
9. Act on Construction Manager at Risk for High School #11
Action Sheet 19-0204 CM at Risk for HS #11 - Action Sheet.pdf
19-0204 CM at Risk for HS #11 - Attachment.pdf
10. Act on Construction Manager at Risk for Rogers Elementary School addition and renovation
Action Sheet 19-0204 CM at Risk for Rogers ES Addition and Renovation - Action Sheet.pdf
19-0204 CM at Risk for Rogers ES Addition and Renovation - Attachment.pdf
11. Act on campus PA telecenter system upgrades
Action Sheet 19-0204 Campus PA Telecenter System Upgrades - Action Sheet.pdf
19-0204 Campus PA Telecenter System Upgrades - Attachment.pdf
12. Act on Staley Middle School LED lighting upgrades
Action Sheet 19-0204 Staley MS LED Lighting Upgrades - Action Sheet.pdf
19-0204 Staley MS LED Lighting Upgrades - Attachment.pdf
13. Act on renewal of a previously approved innovative course - Baking and Pastry Arts and Lab
Action Sheet ACTION SHEET - CTE Innovative Course - Baking Pastry.pdf
14. Act on order calling Board of Trustees general election
Action Sheet ACTION SHEET Order of Election .pdf
Frisco Cty FISD Contract 050419.pdf
FISD Estimate 519 Collin County Elections.pdf
0519 DRAFT Denton County Election Services Contract.pdf
0519 Blank Signature Page for Joint Contract.pdf
Denton County Elections 0519 - Frisco ISD Rough Estimate.pdf
H. Consider and act on Personnel Recommendations
1. Employment
2. Executive Director of Special Education
I. Public hearing on 2017-2018 Texas Academic Performance Report
Action Sheet ACTION SHEET - TAPR 2017-2018.pdf
2017-2018 TAPR (COMBINED).pdf
TAPR PPT for Board Mtg on February 4th.pdf
TAPR Glossary 2017-2018.pdf
J. Discussion regarding process for selecting English Language Arts and Reading Instructional Materials and the upcoming adoption materials
Action Sheet ACTION SHEET ELAR Adoption .pdf
K. Discussion regarding Frisco ISD Career and Technical Education (CTE)
Action Sheet ACTION SHEET CTE Discussion pdf.pdf
L. Communications to and from the board including public comments
M. Instructional Support Team Reports
1. Curriculum and Instruction Report
a. Collaboration with University of North Texas (UNT)
CI Board Report.pdf
2. Business Services Report
a. Construction Delivery Methods - 2018 Bond Program
BOARD REPORT Business Services.pdf
Construction Delivery Methods - 2018 Bond Program.pdf
3. Finance Report
a. Interlocal Cooperative Report
Interlocal Cooperative Report 2017-2018.pdf
4. Support Services Report
a. Emergency Preparedness
Zambiasi Report.pdf
5. Communications and Community Relations Report 
a. Signing Day Recognition
6. Technology Report
a. Library Palooza February 23, 2019
7. Human Resources Report
a. Employee Transfer Requests
2.4.2019. Employee Transfer Process.pdf
8. Student Services Report
a. District College Fair and Stop!t Update
McClendon Board Report.pdf
9. Superintendent's Report
a. TASA Midwinter Conference
10. Board Report
4. Consider and act on adjournment
PIR January 2019.pdf